Monday, September 9, 2013

Using insurance to cover you prescription

Many people, unfortunately, think that they can cut corners by purchasing dubious pharmaceuticals, sharing prescription drugs with friends and families and splitting their pills because the cost of prescription drugs is so very high. In desperate times, many even stop taking their medicines because they are simply too expensive. The cost of drugs can be reduced by taking out prescription drugs insurance, although knowing which tier your health insurance plan has adopted is very important. If you have coverage that allows for both preferred and non preferred drugs, then it is very likely that you will be able to get your prescriptions filled without waiting for authorization. However, if your insurance plan works with only the preferred drug list, you might have to wait while your physician gets approval for your non preferred drug. This is why prescription drug coverage is so very important. If you are shopping for health insurance quotes, make sure prescription drug coverage is an option. Discuss your needs with your healthcare provider and insurance company to determine what level of prescription coverage would be the most appropriate for you. Also, there are other ways you can cut significant costs for prescription drugs. Try a government program There are Medicaid plans that assist people with paying for prescription drugs. Also, former member of the armed forces can take advantage of Veteran Health Administration programs which require a copay of only $10. If you need help getting the drugs you need, the Patient's Assistance Program can offer guidance for getting health insurance quotes and applying to different service. Shop around Make sure your physician knows if you may not be able to afford your medication. If your doctor writes you a prescription for a brand name drug, ask if there is a generic alternative that could be cheaper. Once you have your prescription, call different pharmacies and ask how much they charge for a supply of your needed drugs. One study discovered that the prices fluctuated by as much as $750! Also, it is a good idea to check big box stores, since they tend to have lower prices than chain drugstores. The reason for this is that pharmacies for the big box stores are more of an attractant for potential buyers of other products, whereas the big drugstore chains rely on pharmacy revenue. Don't necessarily ask for advertised drugs Even though big drug commercials always tell the viewer to "ask your doctor about..." it isn't a good idea if you don't have money to burn. Brand name drugs are often prohibitively expensive, and not more effective than their generic alternatives. Bring all of your medications to your doctor Some drugs can actually cancel each other out. If you've been prescribed medications by more than one physician, make sure that you bring all of your drugs into your doctor to make sure that you actually need all of them. Sometimes, one or more prescriptions can be eliminated with no ill effect.

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