Monday, September 9, 2013

Hair care and Propecia

It's hard to argue with the fact that hair care is important regardless of your age and social status. Of course, the extents of this practice can differ a lot from one person to another and reach somewhat ridiculous forms in certain cases. But taking care of your hair isn't just a part of the normal hygienic routine, it's also a strong social indicator and an effective tool for completing your image. However, things can get a little bit strange when hair care meets hair loss. Hair care product manufacturers and service providers will make you believe that their products and services may actually help you to overcome the problem. And then there are drugs like Propecia that are very effective against hair loss and have nothing to do with hair care or external applications whatsoever. So what is the actual state of affairs and does proper hair care or a set of special procedures help when it comes to treating male pattern hair loss? The quick answer to the latter question is no. Hair care procedures and products don't do much when it comes to treating hair loss in men. Of course, hair care product manufacturers will want you to believe their stories about hair loss reversal and so on. But it doesn't take much research to see that these are simply attempts to make you spent more money in vain. Anyone who has ever researched the problem of hair loss in a bit more detail knows very well that external solutions don't help much because the problem itself is triggered by internal factors that are actually far from hair itself. In most cases men suffer from hair loss due to hormonal problems, specifically the higher levels of an androgen called dehydrotestosterone (DHT). This specific hormone is responsible for the weakening of hair follicles, a process which ultimately leads to gradual hair thinning and balding. And there are no external solutions that will affect the levels of this hormone, simply because it is primarily delivered through the bloodstream. Internal medications such as Propecia are effective partially because they target this hormone from the inside and prevent its production in the bloodstream. But even if you had a gel or lotion based on Propecia to take care of your hair with the effectiveness of such a solution would be doubtful simply because the problem of hair loss stems from inside of the body. It would also, nevertheless, be very wrong to state that hair care is absolutely useless. Even if you don't have a hair loss problem hair care is still very important. Something that can sometimes be as important as having plenty of hair on your head is using proper shampoos, conditioners, lotions and nutrients which will help to keep the hair in a very good condition. How many times have you seen people with rather dense hair that was in a rather poor condition and looked simply awful? That's why proper hair care is important and has to be practice in reasonable amounts. Moreover, some cases of hair loss can be triggered by poor hair and scalp hygiene. Of course, cases like these are rather extreme and can be associated with overall malnutrition and lack of hygiene. But it never hurts taking care of your hair with attention regardless whether you're using Propecia or not. The fact that excessive hair hygiene and care can also be a major problem and lead to different hair loss problems is, however, something you should take note of. After all, most of the solutions we use for washing and taking care of our hair are based on potent chemicals, which can be rather dangerous when used in excessive amounts. That's why washing your hair too often (more than once daily) and applying excessive amounts of conditioners, gels, balms and other solutions on a regular basis may deteriorate your hair and lead to faster hair loss. So make sure to be adequate in terms of hair care and speak to your doctor about using Propecia in case of hair loss instead of using all sorts of external solutions.

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