Monday, September 9, 2013

Looking for auto insurance for sports cars

Having a luxury sports car is a sign that you've made it; that you're able to live the life you've always dreamed of. However, being able to afford to buy a sports car is no indication that the financial obligations towards that car are at an end. Most new luxury vehicles require that the owner maintain that vehicle at his/her own expense in order to keep the warranty valid; the taxes can be quite high for high end cars, and most significantly, the insurance policies can be very steep. Small, new model luxury sports cars can be very expensive vehicles to insure. This is due not only to the high value of the vehicle itself, but also largely because sports cars are considered high risk by insurers. Speedy cars tend to have a higher volume of claims than larger sport utility vehicles. Moreover, expensive sports cars tend to cost a great deal to repair, not only because the parts themselves are more costly than their economy model counterparts, but also because the technicians qualified to repair them are specially trained to handle them, resulting in higher hourly charges. When compared to other types of vehicles, sports cars are also much more likely to be vandalized and stolen. The insurance surcharge for having to possibly replace an expensive vehicle can be very high. So, is it possible to get reasonable auto insurance quotes for a sports car? Yes, it is - but only as long as you follow a few guidelines. Shop around Not every insurance company has the same number of claims for a particular type of vehicle or driver even though most insurance companies use similar metrics to determine risks. If a company has little experience with handling claims for your type of vehicle, then the car insurance quote will be lower than the company that has filed a great many claims in the past. Keep your driving record clean If you can prove that you have historically been a responsible driver, you will pose a lower risk to insurance companies, even if you are insuring a high performance vehicle. Keep those miles low If you already have an "everyday" vehicle that you use for errands, work, school, etc., then try to use that for most of your daily responsibilities. The more you drive your sports car, the more likely you are to have an accident. Make sure you only use your sports car for special occasions. Give it a home If you have an enclosed garage, your car will be less likely to be stolen. Keep your sports car in a locked garage when it isn't in use. Parking your expensive vehicle on the street will only be an enticement to thieves and vandals, and your insurance company will charge you accordingly. Auto insurance quotes aren't always uniform; if you handle yourself and your car in a responsible manner, you are far more likely to pay lower auto insurance rates than if you didn't.

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